Ballykisteen Golf Course  Local Rules

Out of bounds: A ball played over any boundary of the course. All areas defined by white stakes.


Water hazards: Those parts of lakes and streams marked by yellow stakes.


Lateral Water Hazards: Those parts of lakes and streams marked by red stakes.


Immovable obstructions/Lifting without penalty:


1.         From all staked trees. Rule 24-2.

2.         From all sprinkler heads and water covers.Rule 24-2.

3.         From all seats and shelters. Rule 24-2.

4.         From all drainage lines.

5.         Stones in bunkers. Rule 24-1.

6.         Lifting without penalty from all roadways and pathways throughout the course.

7.         All bridges are integral parts of the course. No relief without penalties.

8.         If a ball strikes the net or poles surrounding the 13th tee-box, the stroke is cancelled and must be
replayed without penalty.

9.         A ball being obstructed by the fence to the left of the 8th fairway may be lifted and dropped in the designated area without penalty.


Additional local rules see notice board.


Distance- Measuring Devices:

A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If during a stipulated round , a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature etc.) the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.


Embedded Ball:

Through the green, a ball that is embedded in its own pitch mark in the ground may be lifted, without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay but not nearer the hole. The ball when dropped must first strike a part of the course through the green.

Exception: A player may not take relief under this Local Rule if it is clearly unreasonable for him to make a stroke because of interference by anything other than the condition covered by this Local rule.


Dropping Zone:

If a ball is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found is in the water hazard at the rear of the 17th green the player may

i) proceed under Rule 26 or

ii) as an additional option drop a ball under penalty of one stroke in the dropping zone.


Red Flag -        Front of Green,

Yellow Flag -   Middle of Green,

Blue Flag -       Back of Green.