The Pierse Cup

Club Singles Match Play Rules


§  All Male Members are eligible to play except Junior members.


§  All Matches will be played off the permanent Blue Tees unless both players agree.

§  Full Handicaps difference will apply.  (See Example)
Player A on 7 handicap plays player B on 15 Handicap.   Player A plays off 0 and player B plays off 15-7 = 8.   Player B has shots on Index 1 to 8.

§  Handicap on the day you play each round is your playing handicap for this competition.

§  The player on top of the draw will contact the player on the bottom. If no contact is made or no date can be agreed between the players then contact the competition organiser. 


§  The Competition Organisers are Denis O’Brien 087 2793867 and Tony Browne     086 8331879


§  Each round of the competition will have to be played by the stipulated date.  If a match has not been played by the stipulated date and no contact has been made by either player then both players will be disqualified from the competition.

§  If the competition organiser has been contacted about a scheduled tie he will set a date and time for the match to go ahead.  If both players attend the tie goes ahead.  If one player attends then they are awarded the tie.  If no player attends then both players are disqualified unless the tie has already been decided and the result posted in the notice board.  The organiser will work with both parties to set a reasonable date.

§  These are to be read in conjunction with the Rules Of Golf.

§  The Final of Club Singles Match play has been fixed for Sunday 1st October.

Important Note :  Because the Final is set for a specific date there will be no exceptions to the rule on getting your match played before the deadline.  It is easier to run the competition with absolutely no exceptions. Everyone is treated the same.