Course Map

Hole 13 / Par 4 / 280 Yards

A fair hole, par 4, but watch for danger with water both short and left of the two tiered green and Internal Out of Bounds on left of fairway.

Hole 14 / Par 4 / 441 Yards

A long dog leg left with a heavily bunkered fairway makes this one of the most challenging holes on the golf course. An up hill second shot will add distance to an already long hole.

Hole 15 / Par 3 / 166 Yards

This short par 3 is guarded by bunkers on the left of the green and out of bounds on the right. Good club selection from the tee is required due to the long green.

Hole 16 / Par 5 / 531 Yards

This hole begins with a very challenging tee shot with out of bounds on the right and a large plantation on the left. The green is only reachable in two shots for the longest hitters yet the lay up for a third shot is thwart with danger with water surround the fairway.

Hole 17 / Par 4 / 429 Yards

A long hole from the championship tees hitting to a generous up hill fairway. A narrow green guarded by water at the back requires and accurate second shot to ensure you ball stays in play.

Hole 9 / Par 5 / 510 Yards

A straight forward par 5 with only a narrow stream running through the fairway to be avoided at 280 yards. A table top green makes it tricky to gauge the distance for the approach shot.

Hole 10 / Par 4 / 385 Yards

This par four is a dog leg right and has a generous landing area for the tee shot. A fairly unprotected green means this hole is one to catch up on some shots lost early in the round.

Hole 11 / Par 4 / 331 Yards

This is the perfect example of a shot hole that can prove very challenging. Accuracy with the tee shot is more critical than distance to ensure that you are in the right position for your second shot. The large lake in front of the green will test your nerve.

Hole 12 / Par 3 / 166 Yards

The easiest hole on the score card still requires good club selection due to the long tee box and large green. The elevated green also makes this hole play slightly longer than the yardage on the card.

Hole 1 / Par 4 / 390 Yards

Once you have threaded your tee shot through the trees on either side of the fairway a large sloping green awaits your second shot. A bunker left and water right are to be avoided especially in a tricky cross wind.

Hole 2 / Par 4 / 411 Yards

It is important to get a good tee shot away on this long par 4 and to avoid the large plantation on the right. A large bail out area left of the green is welcome sanctuary from the large water hazard on the right for your second shot.

Hole 3 / Par 5 / 512 Yards

This straight forward par 5 is a good chance to improve the score card. Once the fairway bunkers from the tee are avoided you are left with a down hill approach to a large green which slopes front to back.

Hole 4 / Par 3 / 168 Yards

A challenging up hill par three which boasts a small green guarded by three large bunkers. Getting the club selection on this hole is more crucial than ever.

Hole 5 / Par 4 / 394 Yards

A very challenging tee shot with large plantations left and right to be avoided however the further you can hit your tee shot the wider the landing area becomes. An elevated green makes it tricky to gauge the distance for your approach shot.

Hole 6 / Par 3 / 223 Yards

One of the best par 3ís you will ever play! A long down hill tee shot not only requires distance but accuracy due to the large bunkers surrounding the green but also the large lake on the right and out of bounds on the left. Good Luck!

Hole 7 / Par 4 / 401 Yards

A straight forward par four with only out of bounds down the left hand side to avoid from the tee. Do take care with your club selection on the approach due to the long narrow green.

Hole 8 / Par 4 / 378 Yards

A straight generous fairway with only Bunkers up the left to avoid from the tee will put you in good position for your second shot. A green surround by water with a large drop off at the back means you have to accurate with you short second shot.

Hole 18 / Par 5 / 537 Yards

A challenging par 5 to finish with danger on all approach shots to the green. Water left and right is to be avoided from the tee and water short of the green will challenge you second shot. A slightly elevated green surrounded by five large bunkers means you will earn your score on this hole.